Idiot Osuský,nenaštudoval čl.2,písmeno C. Konvencie o genocíde !

Dokumentárny film o totálnej odpojenosti poslanca NR SR Petra Osuského od ozajstného sveta.
Článok 2. Konvencie o genocíde prijatej dňa 9 December 1948, prijatej ako “General Assembly Resolution 260”,
definuje genocídu ako :

Bod – C.úmyselné uvedenie ktorejkoľvek skupiny do takých životných podmienok, ktoré privodia jej fyzické zničenie v celku alebo čiastočne;
Vy ktorí neviete čo znamená „úmyselnosť“ v Konvencii o genocíde, tak v prípade genocídy úmyselnosť znamená vedomé konanie:

The International Criminal Court (ICC) states :‘‘ intent, ‘knowledge’ means awareness that a circumstance exists or a consequence will occur in the ordinary course of events. ‘Know’‘,knowingly’ and intentionally, shall be construed accordingly.’’
… a person is guilty of genocide if they willingly commit a prohibited act with the knowledge that it would bring about the destruction of a group. Individuals are unlikely to achieve the destruction of a group by themselves; they would have to work with others.
Therefore, it is enough evidence if the individual commits an act knowing that it would contribute to other acts being committed against a particular group, which when put together, would bring about the destruction of that group, in whole or in part.
As a general rule, a person who foresees that a consequence is certain or substantially certain to result from an act which he does in order to achieve some other purpose,intends that consequence. The actor’s foresight of the certainty or moral certainty of less, acted so as to produce it, then he decided to bring it about (albeit regretfully) in order to achieve his ultimate purpose. His intention encompasses the means as well as to his ultimate objective.